It is finished! I have written the next great American novel.

The next great American e-book?

Well, not exactly. I have written something and it is mine.  It isn’t perfect.  It is complete.

I have published a book of devotional writings called Unconventional Wisdom on Amazon.  It is the fulfillment of a promise I made to myself over a year ago.Unconventional Wisdom Cover II

Last year was a difficult time for me. I was in a job that was emotionally exhausting and found myself stressed and depleted.  My neighborhood Dunkin Donuts was one of the few places where I could find solace.

Apple Fritter, Pumpkin Muffin, Sour Cream and I would meet and write together.  I marked out 30 pages in my journal and vowed to write about whatever came to mind about how I was feeling. I was aware that I was in the middle of something and a shift was taking place within me and I needed to write my way through it.

After writing the 30 entries, I promised myself I would produce a devotional booklet. Days, weeks, and months passed and there they sat in my journal – never quite right.

I felt I needed to add more pizzazz, more sparkle, more SEO friendly terms, etc. I hemmed and hawed and looked up one day to notice my work was incomplete. In an attempt to do everything just right, I ended up doing nothing.

I had to finish it. I had to do my best and set it free.  So, it is out there in all of its glory. I believe this is the beginning of something great.


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