G is for Go – #AtoZChallenge

I am writing this post in a coffee shop that is over 120 miles away from my house. This moment has been in the making for some time now.

My girlfriends and I have often talked about taking various day trips to the smaller towns that surround the large city that we call home.  This particular trip comes at a time when I need the time away on the open road to clear my mind of all the things that are vying for my attention.

Tomorrow, I will attend the funeral of a long time member of my spiritual community. It will be the second funeral I will have attended in two weeks.  I am keenly aware of how precious life is and how much life is meant to be LIVED.

I made the conscious decision to GO today.  I left home and picked up my friends and hit the road on a beautiful spring day.

We have talked and laughed and eaten until our bellies were stuffed.  We are sitting around a long narrow table in close proximity to one another and working on our separate projects. I can’t help but to think that this trip is not only about the fulfillment of a long desired getaway, but it is a tribute to our dearly departed brother and our acknowledgement of the blessing it is to live while we are still alive.





One thought on “G is for Go – #AtoZChallenge

  1. i know so well how hard it is especially when death comes inside the family circle. I am irish Scottish and indian and goodness knows the soul we search for sometimes eludes us and then it is gone. The great things your brother did to partake in the short journey life gives each of us. Hold on tight to your dream and do the right things you will be great as well. May god shine his face down upon you and your loved ones and give you joy and peace everlasting as your brother.
    General Bebo t. Hope Pastor/creator\

    p.s.(your blog is very cool keep up the blogging truth know you hear” haha…..)


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